The artist statement, the why, how, how come, for what purpose do we create. Something has bothered me for years about the artist statement, I have read many, and I sit and wonder, is this truly what the artist is thinking about when creating art? In our modern society, people have become obsessed with the emotions and meaning behind art work. This is obvious in the countless new books that come out each year, written by people who have dedicated large portions of their lives to thinking they have discovered the true meaning behind some of “mans”, so called greatest master pieces. No one will ever truly know, but, why are we so worried about it? Many of the high end galleries are becoming filled with artwork that is all about the idea, the artist mental creation of a problem or a solution, the art is becoming a psychological philosophy, not a piece of art work. Why are the viewers so worried about the artist emotions. Why is the finished product, painting or what ever art form it may be, not looked at as simply beautiful, or ugly, or disgusting, or whatever other direct emotion it conjurers in a viewer. Why has modern art become about the idea, the artist meaning, some philosophical ideology.


        Within the past six months, I have had art work at a couple of fun shows as well as been interviewed for a couple publications, and in both these settings, time and time again I find myself being asked, what inspired me what's its potential psychological influence on customers or viewers? asked one reporter. I find myself just blankly staring at people, I use to clamor to come up with some kind of idea that I thought sounded good and would make sense. Not anything real, just something that sounded good, to have what I felt was a correct answer for the question. More recently I have gotten to where I, will turn the question right back on them, and often they will just stare at me blankly, like they have no idea what to say, unless, I tell them my thoughts first. What is the point in creating a visual art form if not for people to look at and find their own understandings and create their own emotional responses. And as a whole most artist try to fit into some perceived ideal form of what an artist is, or by modern standards believe artist to be.


         feel that many artist have tried so hard to become what modern society believes that they should be, that they have lost all sight of what art truly is, on its simplest of terms.

Art - The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. How has such a simple term turned into such a chaotic mess.


        With all that said, here is my artist statement, in the true way I feel and in its most simple of explanations. I am an artist, a visual artist, I mostly paint, sculpt, or work with wood or metal, I tend to work in whatever medium is best suited for my idea at the time. As far as my style goes, I am most often considered a surrealist, for those who do not know, what that means, simply, I tend to paint realistic things in an abstract way. Such as flowers, trees, people, I abstract proportions, shapes, colors, textures, volume, movement, and time. It is often said there are no original ideas left, and maybe that is true, maybe it is not, but we each have our own style, and that is what really makes any idea different. Ninety percent of my art work is nature based, my largest inspiration is nature, I am happiest and feel the best when I am in nature. I tend to find myself fascinated with view point, from close up creature eyes, to aerial views of dancers, close ups of flowers, I tend to find that the point of view is often as fascinating as the over all subject. More than anything, my number one driving force behind all of my art work is beauty. I simply create almost all of my art work, purely because I think it will create a beautiful finished product. Work that anyone can enjoy and find themselves taking a moment to stop what they are doing and look closer, to wonder, and to enjoy that captured moment.

        From this day forth, I am setting out, creating a new chapter in my artistic career, one that with any luck will be life changing for me. And I hope that I can continue down this new path freer of mind and body, working towards all the beautiful artwork that has yet to come to mind, or for that paint that has yet to touch my brush, but when it does come, that it continues to create simple beauty. My hope is that in writing all this down, and realizing that I am ready to make a change, from trying to be like so many other artist out there where the idea behind the art is more important than the art itself. My hopes that in this freer state of mind and beauty that the time has come to make my true dreams come forth, and for my work to bring a little simple beauty to this world. 




        Many artist tell stories about spending hours drawing, going to museums as a child, or watching their parent or parents create art. Being engulfed in art from a young age, and always knowing what they wanted to do in life. This was not me, I didn't know any artist or spend much time even thinking about art, in any form. While growing up, if I had thought that anyone was going to be the artist in the family, it would have been my sister, she spent lots of time drawing, she could copy a character from a book perfectly. The best I ever did was trying to keep in the lines in a coloring book.

        From an early age I loved animals, I loved watching national geographic specials, and spending hours outside. I didn't grow up in the deep country, but I had about 15 acres to roam around on and an imagination that kept me very busy. My biggest love at that age was fishing. I think I went fishing almost every day during the warmer months. In the summer it was frog season, and I'd spend hours catching frogs, or bugs, or anything nature, I always seemed to be bringing home some critter that I thought needed a new home. I still remember, catching fireflies at night and filling jars, I almost always had something living in a jar growing up. In the winters we always had snow, I'd spend many hours sled riding, and going on imaginary expeditions through the deep snow, always trying to foil some bad guys plot.

        In middle school, I first started to notice art. In seventh grade I took an after school painting class. It was oil painting, the basic mountain landscape with a little creek, I felt pretty fancy when I deiced to add a little covered bridge, and some Canadian geese flying over head. I look back on that painting now, and I see a beginning to something, that would not hatch for many more years. In high school, I took art my sophomore, junior, and senior year. I loved the creative side, I slacked a lot on the history and writing side of art classes. I was not a popular kid in school, I was very shy and kept to myself a lot, but in art class I always felt I was in my element, I was happy. I just never related art to how it made me feel, until much later in life.

        After high school I bounced around from one job to another, searching for meaning and trying to find something I liked. I also played lots of on-line video games, where I learned to type quite well, I got further from any form of a real life. When I was 24, that I got a job at William Woods University as a stable hand. It was close to home, the pay was not amazing, but it turned out that after 3 months of employment, classes were free. So a day after my 3 months were up, which just happened to be the second day of a new school year, I started my first class. I never imagined that class would be a major turning point in my life, as I knew it.

        I was never a great student, and was extremely nervous about the idea of college. A friend of mine had gotten an art degree through WWU and suggested that I start out with one of his favorite classes, Ceramics with Professor Paul Clervi. Remembering that in high school how much I enjoyed art, I thought what the heck, I will take one class and see if I am cut out for this whole college thing. It turned out to be a great intro class, it was primarily hand building techniques and ceramic history. Lets just say I passed solely on the “hands-on side” of things, it seemed I still lacked enthusiasm towards art history. Paul Clervi took me under his wing and became my academic adviser, and helped me figure out a path in this new area of my life. The second semester I took basic design with Professor Terry Martin who has became a great friend over the years and a great fishing buddy.

        I started out as a graphic design major, until I took a graphic design class, after just one class, I quickly decided this was not for me. It only made sense to me after that to focus on the studio arts side of things. For my new major, “Studio Arts” I was required to take 70 credit hours of fine arts classes, some were required classes such as, water color, painting, drawing, sculpture, design, printmaking, art history (Args!). Looking back on it now, I am glad to have experienced all those different types of art processes, I speak with many artist whom have art degrees and they spent all their hours in one field or another and have no knowledge of other art forms. It really has turned out to make me a much stronger and better rounded artist.

        I discovered things about each art form as well as myself in each of the classes. With water color, the paint is crazy expensive, and was fun when I could just make up my own little landscape worlds, but with still lives, it was not so fun. Though on the positive side the most realistic I ever got was while using watercolors. In printmaking I loved my professor, but I found it tedious and not that exciting, even though, I did learn many new techniques. I know many artist love to draw, but as much as I learned in drawing class, I also came to loath it, it is difficult to be creative when your art professor is in love with the human figure, and you are forced to spend 2 semesters drawing nothing but the figure. My style and creativity really came alive in my painting, sculpture, and design classes, without those classes, I don't think I would be the artist I am today.

        In the beginning of my art career, I was trying to create what I thought art was intended to be, what it was supposed to look like. I had, in my mind, that art was realism, and tried to make a product look as much like the real thing as possible. It turned out these simple words from the great Professor Terry Martin, “Don't try to be like anyone else, just be yourself, and do what comes naturally” would change my entire focus as an artist. Such a simple thing, and seemed so obvious, but it had never occurred to me to just be myself. That moment in time really changed my entire outlook on my art and my art career. Once you start being yourself and doing what is fun, and exploring without boundaries, the world becomes a much bigger place full of never ending possibilities. I tell myself quite often, “there is nothing you can not do, believe in yourself, try, and the outcome will always be great.” Sure I fail, but I always learn, and that learning I take on to the next project.

            Sculpture and painting became my main focuses, I ended up sometimes spending all night in the art building going between the sculpture class, working on a bronze, down to the painting class room working on paintings, towards the end of my college career, I found myself doing more painting outside of class than what I was doing in class, or for class projects. I love sculpture, I love working in three dimensions, I created 4 bronze sculptures, as well as learn a fair amount about working with metal and plaster. I love wood working with found materials, such as barn wood, old flooring, rough sawed lumber, but all that takes a lot of room, that I do not have. So these days I focus mostly on painting. With hope that one day I'll have a large enough studio to create larger projects again.

        I graduated from William Woods University in December, 2012 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts. While at WWU I learn many things about art as well as about myself, learning to be true to myself and my own art form. During my time at the Woods, I received several awards for my work, the ones for which I am most proud, were the student choice awards, in which I took home top prize several years in a row (a cheep blue ribbon,) but the point being that people liked what I was producing. While at William Woods, I was featured on the front page of the local paper several times for my art, both from school and my personal art. I have been in a collection of news articals in mid Missouri.

        During the summer of 2013, 2014, and 2015, I was part of a great charity event called, Tigers on the Prowl, for Columbia, MO. Where the selected artist painted life size tigers, for a certain charity, to raise awareness and money. In the end the tigers were all auctioned off and raised several thousands of dollars for local charities. In 2017 I was honored to be selected to have a piece of art work used on a wine bottle, from Les Bourgeois Vineyards, in Central Missouri.

        By my last couple years of college, I was really starting to explore and perfect my own style, in artist terms, I would be considered a surrealist, in my terms, I would consider myself just me. I am greatly inspired by nature, nature is a key factor in most all of my art work. I am constantly coming up with new ideas and being inspired by the things around me. In 2017 I undertook a major project. I never considered myself an illustrator, and being honest I was quite scared, that I would not be up to the challenge, but after just setting down and trying, by the end of 2017, I had created 60 brand new characters, 20 new weapons, to be featured on a new fantastic card game, called “Mythic.” Mythic is a card game created by a gentleman I know, he just needed the right artist to make the game come to life. I hope for my sake as well as the creators it turns out to be an amazing game, loved and played by millions. Only time will tell.

        I have set many goals for 2018, among them, getting this biography done and up on my website, which you are currently reading, so woot, one thing done! For the past several years I have shown in several small galleries around the mid Missouri area, and where I have made a few sells, they are no where close to the ones I dream about. My major goal in 2018 is to get in to galleries out of state, higher end galleries, where I can start making a living as an artist, rather than just dreaming about it.

        I want to put a special thanks in here to my mother, who is probably my biggest supporter, my wonderful girlfriend Becky and her family, and to all the people at my part time retail job, who push me to be a better artist and wish me well in life, as well as all the support from friends and past professors, without all these people in my life, I would not be who I am today, or able to focus as much energy into art as I am able to.


                                            If you would like to know more about me, outside of my art career, please continue reading below.

        Now in my mid thirties, still living in the small town of Fulton, MO, I own my own small house, that is half living area half art studio. My house is not amazing, but its comfortable, my yard is my real pride, each spring through fall, I continue to make improvements. I have about 7/10 of an acre, just inside city limits. Over the past few summers I have turned my back yard into a sort of sanctuary for myself. Through scavenging, I have been able to put up privacy fence around most the back yard and slowly add new elements of inspiration, starting out four years ago with 2 small 3ft by 20 ft raised beds, and adding to that each year, I am now able to grow a nice little garden, so that in the summer months I have fresh herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and many other things. In the past couple years I have built strawberry beds, and planted fruit trees, and black berry bushes. Three years ago I underwent a major construction project of designing and building a 16foot by 20foot greenhouse. I do not heat it, but it has greatly extended my growing season by almost double, and through lots of trial and error, I am learning what plants I can grow in it though the summer and they will flourish.

        Beside my love for gardening, I have in recent years started to do a lot of canning, with recipes passed down through the generations, it brings back fond memories of helping my grandparents can when I was a younger man. During the summers I will spend hours picking different types of berries out in nature, I have spots that are quite isolated, where with a bit of a hike, I do quite well in the gathering of berries. I do most of this alone and can just enjoy the sounds of nature, the birds singing their many songs, and often when alone in the woods with a camera, I find inspiration for future paintings.

        To this day I spend as much time in nature as possible, during the winter months I hunt, during the spring and fall I fish in lakes and rivers, during the summer I garden, and in the fall I do lots of canning. Through these activities I am constantly inspired by the beauty of nature and becoming one with the land, and living more off the land, and becoming healthier in body and spirit through this way of living.

        I continue to use nature as my inspiration in art,so that through my sale of art I can spend more time in nature and growing more and different kinds of plants. I love waking up early on summer mornings, taking the camera out and taking photos of the squash flowers fully bloomed before they close for the day. I observe the early morning bees fly from one bloom onto the next, listening to the birds sing their morning songs.

        My Dream for the future is to own a nice size piece of land, build a small home and a nice studio, plant some large gardens and spend time giving back to nature. The only way I know how to do this is through my art, I am passionate about many things, but as for making a living I only want to do that through art. And So, this is where I spend most of my life outside of nature, creating paintings, in tribute to nature and its many beautiful creatures. And I hope to continue to be able to create beautiful art work for the rest of, hopefully a very long life.

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William Woods University, Stables

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Tigers on the Prowl, Painted Sculpture

Charity Events 2013, 2014, 2015

Final Tigers are sold at auction and currently on display at,

2013 Tiger, VA Hospital, Columbia, MO

2014 Tiger, Women and Children Hospital, Columbia, MO

2015 Tiger, Bush & Patchett Law Firm, Columbia, MO

Columbia, MO


2017 Les Bourgeois Collectors wine label Competition

Winning label “ Struggle for Beauty II”





Painting                                    Sculpture                                             Drawing

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- Printmaking                                                                                            - Pen & Ink

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- High Fire kilns

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